Green Reykjavik
or Also Included in this Poem is an Animal

I raw ice.
I biked
slice meaning
Plane crash in Lokerbie,
to absolute
what a mess

Which is a frictionless
where molecules
gravity. (That’s what
When the Swiss smoke
is a fat farm Anglo girl

How I wanted
That’s when I broke
and a gecko and a
See how the proprietress
with her crisscross
calcifies Christmastime

a shoehorn,
a woman’s molar
one side of the equal
the dismantling of lamps

I war, ci?
on an ice
“warlice chic,” oui?
Scotland: -273 degrees
zero is anyone’s guess
of birthmarks.

variety of Moroccan Mint
mash and helium defies
the buried mammoth ate).
twirls her curls
with smallpox less cows and so on.

to be blonde!
into the Christian farmhouse
gecko and a gecko.
scoops eyeballs from skulls
ladle? What a rustic song
inside a crate with Adorno,

a miniature chateaux,
and Kafka’s sisters yodeling
sign isn’t necessarily equal to
or subjects on the other, a gate.