5_trope Staff:

  • Gunnar Benediktsson, Editor
  • Joel Chace, Poetry Editor
  • Heather Thomas, Associate Poetry Editor
  • Travis Godsoe, Associate Fiction Editor
  • Mike Neff, Publisher
  • David Ayers, Webmaster

Submitting to 5_trope:

Unfortunately, 5_trope no longer accepts over-the-transom submissions. However, we gratefully accept proposals for guest editorship from qualified individuals. Put your best pitch forward; propose an issue that to you, represents some truly authentic aspect of the ongoing formal experiment that is the contemporary internet poem. Please note that only well qualified individuals with publication credits will be considered.

With that in mind, here is what 5_trope, in its most fervent dreams, desires: fiction and poetry that makes us pause and re-consider form itself.  Work that inspires us to question the very field of the literary , in the dual sense of what it can be and what it must do. This is the central meaning of experimental to us–as with the historical avant-garde in the 1930s, or the poetry of the New Left in the 1960s, we seek work that engages trenchantly and urgently with the now, and uncovers in the formal modalities of the present the seeds of our time’s undoing and its rebirth in the future as a more perfect and more honest iteration of itself.