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BlazeVOX [books]
Cleaning the Mirror
by Joel Chace
(BlazeVOX , 2008)


How do you market poetry you do it with shattered nights and guns shooting adhesive predications whatever exists that can exist in air the lips of Jackson Pollock the chin of Samuel Taylor Coleridge the eyes of Emily Dickinson the throat of Edgar Allan Poe the electricity of Christopher Smart. You must eat a pork chop in a department store window to have a slap worry you into writing an ode to an American totem a pinch hinged to an iron lung must germinate in mulch and broken shells precise as a hand. The coolness of a lower room ebbing into heat black hills full of sage happiness, time, truth, causality the ability to create a dukedom by ceaseless morbidity. Smack that pickle against the ribs it is likely a larynx fountaining clouds throbbing with cures noses hoses roses poses butter on a butte terra-cotta chickens maintaining a savage idea of laptops. You have to ask yourself what am I repeatedly across a range of temperatures dribbling black paint as much as idealism can foster fur flapping and arithmetic insisting on symmetry. Semantic conundrums tend to make the bank nervous so always institute a sense of broomweed a place for words spitting out of a baroque wreckage mirroring the backbone of a clarinet. Ask yourself what is describing this to me the behavior of water or the bump on the bathtub go ahead mow the lawn do it in return for tin the temperament of a waterfall. Provide an area for an aria wool in the well a knapsack stuffed with willow cogito ergo sum. Nothing that does not depend on the presence of air the nuance of asparagus is made perfectly for the goo of it and when it is snapped and blowing shuffle an awful waffle wispy bolts of cloud garner evidence of ablution which was always so unsatisfactory in the 20th century. The formation of dew is a wonderful topic age is a reflection of currents which is how gas becomes green by accommodating gray. Difficulties serve as metaphors for the physics of sailing grass high behind a fence the philosophy of mathematics which is sometimes erroneously associated with the relative humidity of bohemian dirt. When it matters most to say what is urgent and bells in you a tornado will turn the brown glaze on a fervid hat to a madcap representation of nipples chafed by cotton. You need to wear a maple helmet brawling with silk to twist this gestation to a better understanding of particle physics. The study of being or existence is often ornamented by such watercolor. If there is a raft stuck in the sand the cause of writing poetry is served by phantasmal furniture which is why a knoll appears to cushion a realm of palpable air. A serial cereal or cereal serial will crash into gravel if these veins are full of Cytherea. The imaginary audience that individuals use to flatter being or existence comprise a few of the gears meshing to move a bulldozer in which it is the wild intonation of pistons popping that enters the book of wonky tonky outskirts. An orange finger of critical mass points to the sunlight realized in denim as well as the incisions made on a piece of rawhide. When thinking about the self it is useful to define entities of reef and reference as a milieu of asterisks. Eternity sneezing breasts because the intensity of it demands to be ogled by a rogue contour in search of a shape. A temperament arraigned by lilacs. A lung ascending the cottonwood by the river of blue currents. Raisons reasons visions Italian glistens when it teems with metabolism which is taken to be conflicts obstacles neon lights fast women golf at midnight a burning desire thinking with sticks wrap it in linguistic machinery crackle like a cake notably of the Platonic school. Feeling espoused as a membrane nosegay of a given parcel of air proximity to a marquee inclined for the pleasure of broadcast lilacs are an event it is evident that a consonant contains a suite of angular thumbs buzzing humming groaning moaning all nouns refer to entities the blister is the temperature names in glittering lights presented in a Vermeer still life diameter lavish with pi. Emotions wrestle with consequence noon is a magnet pulling chaos wrapped in cellophane cat litter underfoot in the bathroom to which the parcel of meaning must be cooled. If there is a lasagna in the oven the feeling knocks against the snow just as when the coal smolders. A doctrine of beauty harbors itself in a solo purple as a yellow diesel. English is a form of clay a lasso going round and round and round crowned in naked impulse. I am waiting sing the Rolling Stones at constant barometric pressure steel tools French antiques everything a tableau it is partly made of dirt long and tossed a hemorrhage of thread pain is a bridge to whiskers. You can sculpt sound so that it resembles a lasso at noon. The mind is fast when it is heated by words mental events experienced by carving consonants out of air and providing galaxies for the water vapor component a sonnet bleeding gerunds it is raw to be sautéed like that blasted into Japanese. A kimono surgically removed from a maraschino letter. Stars cackling in oblivion. Words refer to entities called dew inflation is a vehicle to surfeit depravity introduced in a particular monster pink crocodile swimming with wavy fenders of ocarina chrome. Puddle of blue on a secret canvas of the soul trowels vowels towels moments of provocation tracks in the mud cinnamon in the cupboard. Ring in a gondola raw lines of legendary breathing electrons, energy, Italian. When the dew turns to yellow smoke emerging from a wound it is time to bang an analogy against a diagnosis a moth flying out of a mouth means don’t handle the merchandise draw the blinds for the cat acoustic snaps instead of creating frost as the tannin falls below freezing pessimism meets harmonics it is appointed with paper because icicles agree with eaves and poetry sells an emotion in blue glue it down use it to fill the viola with bees.






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