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BlazeVOX [books]
Cleaning the Mirror
by Joel Chace
(BlazeVOX , 2008)



The great glut is over, but the hunt for suitable test subjects brought us far within a scoring loop of coals where Lenscrafter prances about the muck, draped in the gory skin of a male infant. Under his arms he clutches Provisional Forms L and 199. Around his neck he parades data wads containing the Appropriate Names for Identifying Objects By Use. The sight of these trophies has inspired some of the others to reenact the Methods of Precision, and they leap about the coals, shouting and arranging booklets and index cards with pictures of common objects and durable goods. The importance of securing a representative group to serve as our subject can not be overstated—and they squat in the foreground, absorbing the tradition of The First Revision.

For two days in the early part of our campaign we observed as the representative group struggled to enact a telescope of procedures out beyond the Forbidden Structures. Two adolescent females ran ahead to meet a young male belonging to the band already scattered about the hillsides. Tension increased as the cunning male baffled his pursuit by hiding behind a Forbidden Structure that looked for all the world like a fish glued to a telephone.

—Walls, sticks, nails, wood and glass, he shouted.
—Sheepskin, cardboard, plastic, cloth, screen, responded the young females.
—Shingles, tile, lumber, stucco, responded the young male, who then motioned for one of his own to gauge the execution of an angle.

We could hear them perfectly from our great distance as the Forbidden Structures reverberated with a bird-like whoosh of silence.

—Elongation of proportions. Click here.

This he pondered for the standard interval.

—Pages, cards, pastings, he said at last. An ill wind blows minus; an envelope has no cover.

We were all quite relieved.

The others in his representative band then transitioned out from behind the Forbidden Structures and the young females fed them each in turn from a ceremonial paper which they had folded into a triangle. This has since become known as The Late Afternoon of the Eating of A Ceremonial Paper Folded into a Triangle.

—This keeps us medium, they said, and placed the scraps of paper into the mouths of the representative group.

—This keeps us medium, they each responded in turn.

On the evening of The Afternoon of the Eating of A Ceremonial Paper Folded into a Triangle, the young male, who we call Folgers, made an impression on our dignity at an official place in accordance with the general principals of procedure.

—We fight to preserve the chance for any sort of knot which does not come undone, he said.

The official rites gave an impression of dignity upon the others. His lecture on dignity was very official and made a deep impression. And so it is stated that a young male called Folgers that has dignity sometimes likes to give an official impression. The official rite was alive with dignity and the people were very much impressed with the part done by the two adolescent females.

At this point Lenscrafter, joined in the official rite further impressing an already very much impressed congregation with a dignified lecture commemorating The Evening of The Afternoon of the Eating of A Ceremonial Paper Folded into a Triangle.

—Our circle need not be completely closed, he stated. And, though it must be approximately round, a somewhat elliptical form will do.

Thus began the Time of the First Revision and the end of the great glut.



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